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2 Exciting New Home Automation Products From the 2018 CEDIA Expo

Lutron and Seura show off the latest and greatest in smart home systems

2 Exciting New Home Automation Products From the 2018 CEDIA Expo

If you care at all about home automation systems and want to see what will be headed your way in the near future, the 2018 CEDIA Expo was the place to be. The event, which took place Sept. 6-8 at the San Diego Convention Center, offered manufacturers a chance to showcase their most recent innovations in front of an estimated audience of about 500,000 people. Here are two new systems that make a splash at the expo and could prove beneficial to homeowners in California’s Bel-Air region.


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After acquiring Ketra back in April, Lutron made a big splash at CEDIA 2018 with a demo of their new two-channel lighting technology. What separates Lutron’s new systems from other warm-dimming technologies of the past is that two-channel lighting allows homeowners to control the color temperature and intensity of a light source either separately or together.

Second, and more importantly, two-channel lighting allows Lutron systems to simulate natural daylight throughout the course of your day. As dawn breaks, you’ll get a warm color tone but very low intensity, which gradually increases as the morning progresses, allowing you to adjust to the new day with ease.

From there, the intensity increases and the color cools a bit, which helps stimulate productivity. Then, in the evening, the warmer colors return and the intensity dims, signaling your body that it’s time to rest and helping you drift off peacefully.

The result is a lighting system that mimics and regulates the circadian rhythm of your body, which is important for maintaining your health. And you can still manually adjust the lighting levels however you want.



A mirror that connects to your home automation system with a display you can touch and manipulate sounds like science fiction, but Seura has made it science fact. Seura introduced their first smart mirror for homes at CEDIA 2018, and they’ll likely be coming soon to a home near you.

Seura’s SMART Mirrors are designed for bathroom vanities and, at first glance, look like any ordinary mirror. But these mirrors have both touch and voice-to-text control systems, as well as customizable dashboards that allow homeowners to install their favorite apps and widgets from the Google Play Store. The display can also be used as a live TV

A 2017 study said that as much as 64 percent of adults in the U.S. use smart devices in their bathrooms, so we might as well have a system that allows us to do more while we’re in there. Seura SMART Mirrors allow you to bring up your calendar, check your email, monitor your social media feeds, even watch TV while you’re in the bathroom, and the ability to do it all hands-free makes multitasking simple. With the ability to control your music, lighting, shades, and more using the SMART Mirror, your home becomes even smarter and your life becomes that much simpler.



These two products are a small sample of what was shown at the expo. From a new system for detecting and stopping water leaks in your home to new and improved home theater displays, CEDIA 2018 was a hotbed of gadgets and gizmos to excite anyone interested in smart home automation. To learn more about these new smart home products and how they can transform your life, call One Touch Living at (858) 798-9130 or visit us online.