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Automation and integrated technology enhances hotel guest experience and is simply smart hospitality business. Set ambiance in common areas with easy control of lights, window treatments, music, video, and HVAC. Team members can intuitively adjust conference rooms, ballrooms, and restaurants with one button press for meeting, presentation, dancing, dinner and more. Delight guests with a customized room experience of smart lighting control, automated drapes, and impressive entertainment that’s easy to use. Guests can play music from their smart phone, access concierge service from the TV, and set a personalized wake up setting of drapes opening and the TV turning to their favorite channel. Hoteliers save energy with lighting and climate automatically turning off after check out or in unoccupied rooms. Monitor usage and schedule maintenance from a centralized touch screen.


  • The Raiders - Corporate Offices
  • The Raiders - Sales Center
  • The Cosmopolitan
  • The Linq
  • Ceasers Palace
  • Resorts World
  • HP - San Diego Campus
  • WJ Bradley Corporate Offices
  • Wrigley Field Luxury Suites


One Touch Living provides the integration of all the technologies for the perfect in-room guest experience. The hospitality industry thrives on providing guests with a great experience. At the most fabulous hotels the guest experience is everything! From the valet to the cleaning crews, the best hotels staff are friendly and helpful. There is as much concern for the guests in-room experience. Having the climate at the right temperature, the room spotless and smelling fresh, being able to adjust the lighting to the perfect brightness, having the technology in the room be simple to use so listening to your favorite music is a touch on a screen so the rest of the time you can just relax. That’s the hospitality experience.

For example: Once the Smith family checks in at the front desk the room is now ON. When the Smiths enter the suite, they’ll notice that the rooms are already cooled, the TV turned on with a welcome message for the Smiths giving them tips on the system, their Wi-Fi user name and password, and tips on dining and other activates while they are visiting. The automated shades opened, there is background music playing in some of the rooms, and some of the lighting in the common areas are on. This is just upon arrival! Hotel staff accompanies the smiths and shows them the touch screen on the wall and shows them how to control these technology amenities and shows them the TV where there are help features as needed.

We live in a high-tech world and by providing services and features we are helping to provide a great customer experience.


Running a hotel is not as easy as smiling and being helpful. There are a lot of moving parts. Hotel management must work together and manage multiple departments of people to give the customer the experience they deserve.

Maintenance, room service, check-in and check-out, in room pay per view, and cleaning crews are some of departments that regularly interface with guests. When a customer calls for room service a ticket is created for managing the service. Room service has its own operating system that tracks the order, the staff, the delivery, and the customer satisfaction and then this information gets integrated into the hotel system. Maintenance is run in a similar fashion. Each of these services or departments are ran with a proprietary operating system, information tracking, and service ticket system for managing purposes. Each of these subsystems must integrate into the hotel system.

One Touch Living Integrates these systems to work together for the hotel management teams to run the operations efficiently into one integrated solution. With real time data analytics the management teams can make necessary changes needed for optimization.


One Touch Living solution provides an Energy Management System that collects real-time data streams from all your Internet of Things sensors and devices. 40%, on average, of your energy costs come from on peak demand. 60%,on average, of your energy costs come from overall usage. Usage is measured on KwH and demand peaks are measured through Kw. How your energy company charges you vary by consumer vs business, business size, location of energy company and other factors. But the basics are, you get charged on the total amount you use, the season you are in (summer/winter), what times the most energy is used and the maximum amount of energy you use at any given time.

Our energy savings platform will push out usage in more desirable off-peak times without affecting business as usual. We will also help you decrease the height of your peaks and eliminate energy waste by turning things off when not used. With our energy savings platform, you will be able to create simple energy saving automations that work in real time proactively reducing your energy consumption and reducing your energy bill.

With One Control System and our integration services your teams can monitor, manage and automate all your building’s energy saving sensors and devices through a seamless, unified platform. Our energy management platform is the must have tool for business owners and building managers who are looking to eliminate energy waste. Together we reduce energy costs by catching demand spikes as they are happening and by redistributing your building’s energy consumption during costly hours to cheaper hours.


One Touch Living deploys and integrates with risk management software that enables you to identify potential problems, limit property damage and respond to emergencies in real time. Our comprehensive risk management solution provides real time data and alerts that allows you to take immediate action to mitigate property damage and chemical hazards. This means you will be able to diagnose and repair floods or CO2 leaks as they happen not after it happens. We will allow you to monitor and automate refrigeration sensors, flood sensors, multi sensors and smoke alarms. Our automation system will notify you with alerts via email or text so your teams can take immediate action. We also monitor the health and functionally of your equipment. You will receive real time alerts for faulty equipment before the physical signs appear so you can take immediate steps to prevent complete failure, inventory loss and safety hazards.


  • Flood detection
  • Intrusion
  • Occupancy
  • Smoke/CO2 Sensors

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