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Articles in Category: Home Theater Installation

The Importance of a Professional Home Theater Installation

Get the Most Out of Your San Diego Private Cinema

The Importance of a Professional Home Theater Installation

Homeowners love the idea of integrating a home theater in their property. But with so many options available, it can easily become an overwhelming experience.

From optimizing your space for sound to ensuring you have the right cables to see full 4K UHD, there are plenty of factors in play.

In this blog, we’ll show you why it’s so important to have professional help when you’re trying to build a home theater installation of your own.

Want to learn more? Just keep reading.

TAGS: Home Theater | Pre-Wiring | Surround Sound

How To Get The Most Out of Your Custom Home Theater

One Touch Living Enhances Your Entertainment Experience with New Audio Video

How To Get The Most Out of Your Custom Home Theater

A custom home theater requires a perfect mixture of technology and design to create the perfect environment to enjoy entertainment. When you get a professional home theater installation from the team at One Touch Living, we expertly design the whole room, from the acoustics to the lighting, to optimize your technology and movie-watching experience. They best way to bring every aspect of your installation together is to incorporate it into your whole smart home in La Jolla, California. Our staff can design an integrated system incorporating top-notch manufacturers and full control of your room, from adjusting the volume to setting the right temperature.

TAGS: Home Theater | Surround Sound Systems

One Touch Living Installs Home Theaters and Video Displays that Impress

Enhance Your California Home with Perfect Picture

One Touch Living Installs Home Theaters and Video Displays that Impress

You can use TVs and screens in your home in different ways to participate in various activities. You can play video games, watch movies, TV shows or sports…and even display video art. But you should know that the type of screen you pick can make a big difference. So how do you know which TV or screen to buy? In this blog edition, we’ll be your guide to achieving the perfect picture in your Rancho Santa Fe, California-area home. One Touch Living is adept at not only installing the technology in your home theater or media room, but also designing the layout and guiding you through the entire planning process.

TAGS: Planar | Sony | Video Displays

Three Must Haves for Your Custom Home Theater

One Touch Living Gives You Incredible Ideas for Your California Cinema

Three Must Haves for Your Custom Home Theater

While living in San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, or La Jolla California, you are certainly closer to all the Hollywood action. All of the buzz about the best films may make you want a special place to enjoy movies and showcase your favorite entertainment. Custom home theaters are a comfortable and convenient way to experience films as the director intended.

However, we know that deciding to start a home theater installation can seem daunting—especially when you are just getting started with smart home automation. But the professionals at One Touch Living have extensive experience and can walk you through the process of creating the custom home theater of your dreams.

Whether you have a certain theme in mind, or need help designing a stunning interior, we can deliver high-quality sound, digital projection, and lighting controls. Regardless of the scope of the project, every home theater needs the following three essential pieces in order to impress family, friends, or even a potential business partner.

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