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Why is a Professionally Installed Music System Better?

The Perks of Hiring an Expert to Install Whole House Audio

Why is a Professionally Installed Music System Better?

You may think that simply walking into an audio store and purchasing a pair high-end brand of speakers is all it takes for incredible audio. To truly immerse yourself in music, you need a professional to provide the layout, network, and proper installation. There’s a massive difference between the system an integrator can give you, and one that you pick up in a store. Not only does One Touch Living have relationships with exclusive audio brands, but we also have years of experience customizing Rancho Santa Fe area homes to create the perfect listening experience. Here are three main reasons why working with a whole house audio professional is worth it.

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Entertain Friends and Family with Outdoor Audio Video

Tips for Entertaining Guests in Your California Home

Entertain Friends and Family with Outdoor Audio Video

Afternoon barbeques, late-night swims, and big parties—these are the events we look forward to all year. When you live in a place like La Jolla, CA and have beautiful weather all year, you tend to spend as much time decorating and organizing your outdoor spaces as the rooms in your home. While you’re thinking about putting in a new garden or renovating the pool, consider how you want to incorporate technology in your backyard. A 4K TV, set of high-resolution speakers and a control system that can even change the pool temperature will surely delight all of your guests throughout the year. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate outdoor audio video into your property.

TAGS: audio video controls | outdoor technology

3 Steps for Better Whole House Audio

Recommendations for San Diego Audiophiles and Music Lovers

3 Steps for Better Whole House Audio

Today, there are an overwhelming number of options when it comes to enjoying the music you love. So making the right choice is not only about choosing the right audio speakers, amplifiers, and components, but also how you like to listen to your music. Maybe you want to have a whole house audio system that fills every room like a walk through Disneyland or you maybe you prefer a dedicated audiophile audio system that precisely recreates every note from your favorite Steinway piano concert. Regardless of your preference we have an audio system for every type of home, budget, and music lover!

TAGS: audio video controls | whole house audio

How to Simplify Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

Use the Savant Remote or Savant App to Control Your Entire Beverly Hills Home

How to Simplify Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

If you love movies, music or video games, then you know there are tons of options out there when it comes to home entertainment services. In the past, all you needed was a pair of antenna to get all of the available channels. But now streaming services are creating their own exclusive content, and more TV channels are being created to entice people to sign up for cable. Netflix, Hulu, Direct TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime are just a few sources of content you could have in your home, which makes it more confusing to control and manage. The same goes for music – streaming services like Spotify and Pandora expand your music library but can also be difficult to organize. That’s where we come in. One Touch Living can install a smart home automation system that allows you to access lots of content in one convenient location. Read on to learn more about how we can make this happen in your Beverly Hills, California home. 

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