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Entertain Friends and Family with Outdoor Audio Video

Tips for Entertaining Guests in Your California Home

Entertain Friends and Family with Outdoor Audio Video

Afternoon barbeques, late-night swims, and big parties—these are the events we look forward to all year. When you live in a place like La Jolla, CA and have beautiful weather all year, you tend to spend as much time decorating and organizing your outdoor spaces as the rooms in your home. While you’re thinking about putting in a new garden or renovating the pool, consider how you want to incorporate technology in your backyard. A 4K TV, set of high-resolution speakers and a control system that can even change the pool temperature will surely delight all of your guests throughout the year. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate outdoor audio video into your property.

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Outdoor TVs


What’s a barbeque or weekend happy hour at home without the latest sports game on the screen? Place a large 4K TV right by your grill or outdoor bar and your guests will want to hang out all afternoon. If you have a hot tub, hang the TV by it so you can relax with those bubbles and catch up on your favorite TV show or watch the evening news. Out outdoor TVs are weatherproof—meaning they block out moisture and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. So you can rest knowing that your investment won’t get destroyed by the rain or sweeping cold front.

Outdoor Speakers

If you want quality sound in your outdoor areas, you need to enlist a professional to help you. Achieving good sound performance takes more than simply placing speakers in the grass or mounting it on the wall. Plus, you don’t want the neighbors complaining about the loud music. The One Touch Living team knows exactly where to position the speakers so that you get that surround sound experience outdoors and don’t disturb anyone on the block. Just like our outdoor TVs, we have trusted brands that manufacture weather-resistant speakers. We’ll also hide the speakers in the foliage so your guests won’t notice them and they won’t disrupt the look and feel of your home.

Controls & Automation

It’s incredibly convenient to have all of your controls in one place, like an app on a mobile device or a touch screen on the wall. With an automation system you can change the channel on your TV on the patio, switch the music artist that is playing on your speakers by the pool, and even adjust the lighting when you have an evening party. We can also incorporate the settings of your pool, so you can easily change the temperature using your phone, tablet, or a handy remote. All of these functions can then be united under one sequence that you can name. For example, get ready for a summer barbeque by setting the TV to ESPN, cooling the pool to 74 degrees, and broadcasting the local sports radio. Save these settings under “Friday Barbeque” and all you have to do is press one button to get ready for your gathering.

If you would like to add any of these features to your California home let us know by filling out this online form. Summer is right around the corner and you’ll want to be ready to make good memories with your loved ones.