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One Touch Living Installs Home Theaters and Video Displays that Impress

Enhance Your California Home with Perfect Picture

One Touch Living Installs Home Theaters and Video Displays that Impress

You can use TVs and screens in your home in different ways to participate in various activities. You can play video games, watch movies, TV shows or sports…and even display video art. But you should know that the type of screen you pick can make a big difference. So how do you know which TV or screen to buy? In this blog edition, we’ll be your guide to achieving the perfect picture in your Rancho Santa Fe, California-area home. One Touch Living is adept at not only installing the technology in your home theater or media room, but also designing the layout and guiding you through the entire planning process.

Sony UHD 4K Sets a New Standard with Curved TVs and Projectors

UHD means “ultra-high definition”. A UHD screen has about 8 million more pixels than high-definition screens. HD is currently at 1080 pixels, so UHD is about 4 times higher than that, which is why it’s called “4K”. This translates to super sharp picture and bright, vivid colors. You’ll see an image that’s more lifelike than ever before, and you’ll upscale your existing entertainment experience with incredible detail.

Sony has curved and flat-screen TVs. The difference is that you get a greater sense of depth with a curved TV and optimized contrast. When you watch a show on a curved TV, you feel more immersed in the scene because it is catering to your peripheral vision. However, whether you pick flat or curved, with 4K you’ll definitely see colors pop and enjoy greater detail.

If you want us to design a dedicated home theater for you, Sony 4K projectors and screens would be a good choice. You’ll get a cinematic experience and avoid the long lines, sticky floors, and lumpy seats at the local theater. UHD 4K will also prepare you for any new content that comes out in the future.

Whichever setup you decide to go with, One Touch Living can help you arrange a media room, man cave, or a dedicated home theater that highlights the UHD picture and gives you the ultimate experience.

Planar Video Walls Amaze Eyes

Planar makes giant video wall displays for both residential and commercial spaces. Typically they are found in airports, museums, and theme parks. Video walls bring a different dimension to what you see by artfully showing picture in a larger area.

For example, if you and your friends enjoy playing video games, a video wall can distribute the different player images to different screens on the wall. With a grid of screens, you’ll be able to decide where to display the video. Video walls are also good setups for sports rooms, or any area where you want to display moving picture art.

Put a video wall in your bedroom and you can wake up to scenic views of mountains or beaches, making you feel like you are standing in another world. With Planar, your home video isn’t just about sitting down to watch a Friday night flick, it’s about using screens to display art and enhance the way your home looks and operates.

Let the professionals at One Touch Living add another dimension to your home with 4K video and displays. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started.