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Add Beauty to Your Bel Air Home Using Lighting and Shading Control

How to Enhance Interior Design with Automated Lighting and Shading in Los Angeles

Add Beauty to Your Bel Air Home Using Lighting and Shading Control

Some basic elements of interior design include the furniture, artwork, wall color and other feature items that add character. But have you ever thought about how lighting and shading enhances your interior design? One Touch Living not only meets Los Angeles homeowners’ basic needs of a lighting and shading installation, but we also incorporate lighting fixtures, designs, and automation into the overall look and feel of your home. Our team can use shades to complement your unique home’s aesthetic as well. Here are a few ways we use lighting and shading control to make your Bel Air property look gorgeous.

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Position Lutron Lights to Illuminate Artwork

When you hire One Touch Living to install your lighting, we go above and beyond to make your home look as beautiful as possible. We have the ability to strategically place your lights in the right spots to not only illuminate your spaces but also highlight artwork and decor. Downlights, for example, can be placed in the kitchen under cabinets to brighten your beautiful marble counter tops, or even near your hanging artwork to bring attention to your favorite pieces.

QMotion Shades Come in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes

QMotion is an award-winning line of motorized shades that not only beautifies your California home, but also adds security and convenience. The motors are super quiet and can be controlled using a mobile app, remote control device, or by simply tugging the fabric using the manual override feature. QMotion shades come in honeycomb, roller shades, and motorized draperies. A roller shade will give your home a more modern look, while draperies will add a vintage touch to each room. Each line has a vast and elegant fabric selection – whether you need a sheer fabric that blocks the sun’s harmful rays yet still allows some light into the room, or a blackout fabric. By marrying the latest technology with cutting-edge interior design, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of automation and make your home look beautiful at the same time.

Use Custom Controls to Create the Right Ambiance

Light levels play a huge role in setting the mood in your home. Bright lights will invigorate you, while dim lighting will make you feel relaxed. Lutron dimmers make it easy to create the right ambiance for every room and occasion. Lower the lighting level using your phone or in-wall LED keypad to set the scene for a romantic dinner with your partner. Or, turn them all the way up in your home gym for an intense workout. Then, experience the complete luxury of automation by integrating your lighting with other features, like temperature, music, and video. Using your smart home system, create a scene by picking specific settings. For example, dim the lights in the dining room, turn on a playlist of jazz favorites, and set the thermostat to a cozy 74. Hit one button, and you’re ready for a relaxing night in.

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