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3 Ways to Improve Your Smart Home

Our Tips for Maintaining Your House in the OC

3 Ways to Improve Your Smart Home

When was the last time you made an update to your smart home in Orange County, CA?  Home automation does require some maintenance. With just a few simple upgrades you can enhance its operation. In this blog, we have some ideas on how you can make changes and reap even more benefits in your home. 

1. Install Touchpads and Keypads on the Walls for Quick Access

Wireless technology is so convenient. You can turn off the lights with your phone, tablet or smartwatch. But what if you lose your phone, or someone is using the tablet for work, and you need it to change the lighting or audio? One great way to improve the way your smart home functions is to install control stations and keypads in central areas.

For example, we can hang a charging station in the kitchen, so the tablet stays charged at all times. Right next to it, add an in-wall keypad that gives you access to the most-used actions, such as "all on", "all off", or "cook". 

If your son is using the tablet, you can still change the lights or get started on dinner while he plays a game. Our team will work with you to determine those key areas you need access to controls and also how you can coordinate wireless controls with more stationary ones.

2. Add Voice Control to Every Room

Perhaps you went out and bought an Echo when Amazon first came out with the product, and you used it to play music, order pizza, and manage your schedule. But now, you aren't sure what else to do with it. 

Integrating your Echo into your smart home is the next step to improving your residence. Once it is tied to the control system, you can access all of your favorite scenes with your voice, like “movie”, or “good morning.” 

You’ll be able to quickly turn a light on when your hands are full of groceries and change the music station when you are in the middle of a workout session. All you have to do is contact us to do the setup and then place a voice control device in every room to hear your voice commands.

3. Update Your TVs with 4K Technology

If you’ve already bought a 4K TV or two, it’s time to make sure all of the components are compatible. You need an HDMI 2.0 cable to maintain a solid 4K connection and performance, as well as a 4K Blu-ray player.

In addition to that, it may be a good idea to upgrade your current streaming services, like Netflix for example, to play 4K content. With all of these components in place, you’ll ensure you are getting what you paid for and can watch a show in beautiful picture—the way it is meant to be seen. 

For more information on ways to improve your residence, send us a message online.

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