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3 Powerful Benefits of a High-Performance Audio System

Enjoy more sumptuous music, a better atmosphere in your house and more with hi-fi audio for your La Jolla, CA home.

3 Powerful Benefits of a High-Performance Audio System

In his play Twelfth Night, Shakespeare calls music “the food of love.” There’s no denying the power of music and sound in our lives; music enhances the emotions and atmosphere of our favorite movies and TV shows, and the right song can move us to tears or psych us up for big moments.

Since sound plays such a key role in how we experience the world, you owe it to yourself to get the most from what you’re listening to. To do that, you want a high-performance audio system for you La Jolla, CA home from One Touch Living. High-performance audio will transform the way you listen to music, and there are other benefits from these systems as well. If you want to know more about these benefits, keep reading.

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You may scoff at the notion of spending hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on new speakers or other audio gear, but there is a noticeable difference in sound quality with higher-end equipment. Digital music files such as MP3s compress much of the sound data to make it easier to fit more songs on your music player. Compressing the file often means losing much of the texture you’d find in more traditional sound systems, especially at the extreme high and low ends.

With high-performance audio, your music becomes much richer and more lifelike. High-performance audio systems do a much better job of recreating the notes made whenever the sound was recorded. For music, this means you get distinct bass notes instead of a muddy rumble, sharp and clear treble notes that won’t set your teeth chattering, and mid-range tones that are much easier to tell apart. No matter how many times you’ve listened to your favorite song or album, it will be like hearing it for the first time all over again with high-performance audio.


All the benefits of high-performance audio when it comes to music are equally true when it comes to your favorite movies or TV shows. Higher-quality gear for your home theater’s surround sound system will transform the way you hear what’s happening on screen.

Audio, of course, means everything you hear when watching a movie or show, not just the musical score. Voices, nature sounds, ambient noises, explosions, gunfire and the roar of a dragon in Game of Thrones will all sound more lifelike. And with surround sound, you just may feel the urge to duck when that dragon swoops overhead.


Because many high-performance audio systems either come equipped with music streaming services or can be connected to them, these systems are an excellent way to expand your musical library. Once your system is installed, open your streaming service and enjoy almost any song you can think of. Additionally, a hi-fi streaming service like Tidal or Quboz gives you access to thousands of songs at an extremely high quality.


It may not be possible to place high-end speakers in every room of your home, but high-performance systems can make whole-home audio better. Since your hi-fi system will most likely function as the centerpiece of your home’s broader speaker array, you’ll get a cleaner signal going out to the other devices in your home. It may not make that much of a difference, depending on the equipment in the rest of your home, but you’ll know you at least have a reliable source signal.

If you’re ready to take your home listening experience to the next level, now’s the time to get started on your upgraded system. To learn more about high-performance audio systems from One Touch Living, call us at (858) 798-9130, click on the chat box at the bottom of your browser or contact us online.

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