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McIntosh Audio Delivers High-Performance Sound for Your Whole California Home

One Touch Living Installs McIntosh Whole House Audio Systems

McIntosh Audio Delivers High-Performance Sound for Your Whole California Home

The holiday season is one of the most exciting times to enjoy your music collection. A whole house audio system allows you to move throughout the house singing along with a fun tune, and wireless controls make it super easy to switch your music sources.

In our last blog, we showed you how our audio partner McIntosh revolutionizes your movie-watching experience at home. 

This time around, we’ll highlight the lifestyle systems McIntosh offers so that you can enjoy music throughout your entire La Jolla, California home.
Why McIntosh?
McIntosh is known as the Lamborghini of the home audio world. Since 1949, this company has headed up the innovation and creation of high-performance audio products. In just 1950, they launched their first pre-amplifier which supported commercial radio broadcasts. When rock ‘n’ roll began to dominate the soundscape, McIntosh emerged as a trusted and respected brand that was used by musicians. The Grateful Dead used 28,800 watts of McIntosh amplifier power in 1974 at the San Francisco Cow Palace. Then when CDs replaced cassette tapes, McIntosh created the MCD7000 – the first CD player, and it swayed many listeners to become advocates of CDs, abandoning their cassettes. By the 21rst Century, McIntosh had expanded their stereo systems to cars and motorcycles. Today, they have embraced both digital and wireless music advancements while still paying homage to their roots. McIntosh has released turntable players and iTunes compatible sound systems so that any user can enjoy their collections.
So why McIntosh? Well, the history speaks for itself. One of the first American audio manufacturers to grow the sound landscape, and it’s still going strong today. 
Lifestyle Systems for the Home
Whether you only have a digital collection of music, or you are a turntable fanatic, McIntosh has an audio system for everyone to use in the comfort of their homes. The McIntosh McAire integrated audio system delivers the legendary, stylish look and sound quality in a compact size. Built in AirPlay® allows you to wirelessly stream music via your Wi-Fi network from your Mac or PC based iTunes® library, as well as music stored on your iPad,® iPhone® or iPod Touch.® Using a USB cable, iPod classic and select iPod Nanos can also be connected. The McAire’s space-saving design and room-filling sound makes this system versatile enough to accommodate the audio needs of any room in your home.
Voted as one of Electronic House’s products of the year, the MT10 turntable gives high-performance LP playback with minimal set up. A perfect choice for the audiophile and any audio enthusiast who wants to make their system sound even better.
One Touch Living Installs Whole House Music Systems
One Touch Living is a platinum McIntosh dealer, so that means we have a close partnership with this company and can install all of their products for any application. Whether you want to install in-wall speakers in every room of your home, just a dedicated home theater, or place some bookshelf or loudspeakers in a listening room—we have something for everyone. Their extensive history in the world of audio not only gives you assurance you’re buying a high-quality product, but it also gives you a wide variety of options from CD players, turntables, to wireless and digital music systems. 
If you want the best audio brand in the business and an audio installer who is certified and respected, then give One Touch Living a call! You can also contact us by filling out this online form.