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How to Stream Music Wirelessly in Your LA Home

Use a Whole House Audio System for Fun and Relaxation in California

How to Stream Music Wirelessly in Your LA Home

There are many wireless music systems on the market today, but very few are high quality. It’s important to choose a brand that is tried and true. McIntosh is an American-made brand that has been creating and innovating audio since 1949. Their years of experience have produced products that you can surely trust and enjoy. Keep reading to see how a whole house audio system can bring fun and relaxation to your Los Angeles, California home. 

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Convenient Wireless Technology

There is a way to play music in every room without having to add tons of cords or black boxes to your home. The McIntosh McAire integrated audio system delivers quality hi-fi sound through a compact player. The built-in AirPlay allows you to stream music wirelessly through a Wi-Fi network from a Mac or PC-based iTunes library. You can also play your music collection through an iPod using a USB cable, or play radio stations, like XM Radio or Pandora. Rolling Stone Magazine calls this “The Wi-Fi stereo of the gods.” The McAire can fill the room with beautiful sound without taking up precious space. Download the McIntosh AP1 Audio Player App and you can select your music from a smartphone or other mobile device. For a 2-channel setup, go with the MXA60 or MXA70, which are capable of true-to-life sound reproduction while still not taking up much space in your home. You can experience music the way the artist intended with these wireless systems.

A Music System for Every Room

McIntosh has a different speaker, amplifier, and control for every type of room or application in your LA or Bel Aire house. Here’s what we would recommend:

Bedroom: The McAire, MXa60 or MXA70 would be perfect for any bedroom in your house. You could relax in the bed and read a book while listening to come smooth jazz, or get to work on a project in your office with some upbeat hits. Using a whole house music system, you could even play the same song throughout the whole house so that it follows you wherever you go.

Listening Room: The SoHo 1 is the 2-channel flagship audio system. This powerful model can easily fill the largest room in your house and also serve as an incredible focal point in a listening room. This is for the ultimate music lover or musician. Place it in a dedicated listening room to help you create your next masterpiece or enjoy your favorite music. The SoHo series included a compilation of media players and audio enhancement products to make sure you hear the real deal – not some watered or stripped down version of the song.

Home Theater: The Westchester series of home theater audio systems is truly legendary. It can channel 3600 watts of power through a 7-channel surround sound system so that you can enjoy commercial-grade entertainment at home. Perfect for the celebrity or CEO who wants to experience going to the theater in their own house.

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