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Articles in Category: Smart Home Automation

How to Control Your San Diego Home with Your Voice

The Amazon Alexa Transforms Smart Home Living

How to Control Your San Diego Home with Your Voice

What if you could tell your home to turn off the security alarm and it would do it for you? Creatives have always imagined a future where we could control our homes with just our voices. For example, Captain Kirk in Star Trek asked the Enterprise computer for data during space voyages, and Marty McFly’s son told his home theater to turn on three different TV channels in Back to the Future 2. Today, these ideas have come to life, and now you can enjoy voice control in your own San Diego, CA home with smart home automation. Keep reading this blog to learn more.

TAGS: Amazon Alexa | Smart Home Automation

3 New Smart Home Trends For 2017

Update Your San Diego Home with These Smart Solutions

3 New Smart Home Trends For 2017

Between CEDIA and CES, two of the largest technology conventions in the world, we’ve seen a lot of exciting gadgets and solutions make their debut. Already, 2017 is showing how the smart home automation world is changing and developing at a rapid pace. While last year’s trends included 4K and wearables, this year involves voice control, smart entertainment, and complete integration—even with your car. Keep reading to learn more about what is on the horizon for your San Diego, California home in 2017.

TAGS: Amazon Alexa | Amazon Echo | CEDIA | CES | Control4 | Smart Home | Smart Home Automation

Create Scenes to Simplify Tasks in Your California Home

How to Plan for Special and Everyday Events with Your San Diego Smart Home

Create Scenes to Simplify Tasks in Your California Home

Today’s smart home automation systems are customizable, meaning you can create scenes on your own for both special and simple occasions every day. In the past, your smart home had fixed programming. Only your smart home installer could re-program it to change to new settings. But now with Control4, you can go into the system yourself and easily select your settings and save them for instant actions or for future use. With all of that freedom, you have a lot of opportunities to save energy, have fun, and plan for important meetings. Continue reading to get some of our ideas on the most commonly used smart home scenes in the San Diego, California area.

TAGS: Control4 | Smart Home

How to Simplify Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

Use the Savant Remote or Savant App to Control Your Entire Beverly Hills Home

How to Simplify Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

If you love movies, music or video games, then you know there are tons of options out there when it comes to home entertainment services. In the past, all you needed was a pair of antenna to get all of the available channels. But now streaming services are creating their own exclusive content, and more TV channels are being created to entice people to sign up for cable. Netflix, Hulu, Direct TV, Vudu, and Amazon Prime are just a few sources of content you could have in your home, which makes it more confusing to control and manage. The same goes for music – streaming services like Spotify and Pandora expand your music library but can also be difficult to organize. That’s where we come in. One Touch Living can install a smart home automation system that allows you to access lots of content in one convenient location. Read on to learn more about how we can make this happen in your Beverly Hills, California home. 

TAGS: audio video controls | Smart Home