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What Components Do You Need for Solid Wi-Fi Performance?

Benefit from robust home wi-fi that’s reliable and secure

What Components Do You Need for Solid Wi-Fi Performance?

As a homeowner, you probably understand the need to upgrade your home networking system because of the growing number of smart devices in your home. A robust internet connection allows you to seamlessly connect all your devices. But as the number of devices starts to grow, so do your Wi-Fi requirements.

So, what components are needed to make up a solid home Wi-Fi connection in your Rancho Santa Fe, CA, residence? Read on to find out.

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High Bandwidth Router 

To perfect your home networking, upgrading your hardware is also essential. When you change routers, you will notice a considerable difference in the performance of your internet connection.

Wi-Fi 6 is the most recent protocol available in high-performance routers. This protocol offers greater speed, reliability and protection. You can also always ask your integrator to put up additional firewalls and VPNs to protect your home from cyber threats.

Bandwidth is another important consideration when choosing a router. If your Wi-Fi connection has any latency issues, such as a slow loading web browser or video buffering, you probably need to upgrade your bandwidth.

The higher bandwidth you have, the better speed you will get, allowing you to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows without delays. Nothing is more annoying than dealing with video buffering when you spend your free time watching Netflix. But worry not, as this issue can easily be fixed with a small upgrade.

Wireless Access Points

Luxury homes have multiple technologies that require a solid Wi-Fi connection. But using only one router is never enough to get ample coverage throughout the home–especially if you need coverage outdoors. There is always that one room where you can’t catch a signal no matter how hard you try. But this issue can easily be resolved by adding wireless access points throughout the house.

Wireless access points allow you to extend the reach of your wi-fi coverage without losing any signal strength. Whether you want to surf the internet, watch a movie, stream songs, or pull up security footage, everything can be under your control with reliable home networking.

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