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How Upgraded Home Wi-Fi Helps You Stream 4K Video and More

Are you not getting the most out of your technology? Time for an upgrade.

How Upgraded Home Wi-Fi Helps You Stream 4K Video and More

Many of us are staying home and relying on streaming services to entertain us these days. Maybe you enjoy endless streaming, internet browsing, and commanding your smart home with one touch. No matter which way you want to use your technology, chances are you're giving your home Wi-Fi system a run for its money. But if you see lower-quality streaming content, or you can't connect all your devices, it could mean it's time for an upgrade. Do you need to improve your Palm Springs, CA home's network to get more out of your system? Find out here.

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Lower Than 4K Resolution

You may know it as Ultra HD, but 4K is one of the most modern advancements in home viewing in recent years. A more pixel-dense image than now-standard 1080p HD results in clearer pictures and easy visibility from anywhere in the room. And when you stream content from your favorite services in the 4K, it can seem brand new.

But there's just one problem: Ultra HD signals are considerably larger than 1080p. So, they need more room to travel. For your home network, this space is known as bandwidth. It acts as a broad highway, with enough room for all the traffic passing through. If a 1080p signal is a big truck, 4K is something like a semi. Without enough lanes on the highway, traffic could get jammed.

And if the trucks aren't getting where they need to go, it can cause everything to slow down. By upgrading your Wi-Fi, you can make sure there's enough room for everything.

Better Than Wi-Fi?

When everyone's at home and using their devices, that means everyone's on the Wi-Fi. So, your system may be enough to support home automation and hours of 4K streaming, but can it also support every mobile phone, laptop, and smart device your family uses? Smartphone devices might have trouble making connections, especially when everyone is surfing the web and streaming videos in their rooms.

Make sure everything connects by upgrading your Wi-Fi with a mesh network. Instead of traditional Wi-Fi's central signal, mesh networks utilize multiple nodes throughout your home. They act as waypoints for the signal, and you can increase the size of your system by adding more.

Additionally, mesh networks are harder to hack than standard Wi-Fi, and they're also more reliable in the long run. No matter where you are in your home, you'll get a robust signal and make the connections you need to get through the day.

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