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Why You Want an Ambisonic System for Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Entertain Guests and Family with the Best Possible Sound System

Why You Want an Ambisonic System for Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Why limit your entertainment to the indoors only? Whether you’re watching the game or a new blockbuster movie, you can do it while grilling, relaxing by the fire pit, or socializing under the stars. But a high-quality sound system makes all the difference in your San Diego, CA backyard when compared to low-budget speakers.    

The key to superior outdoor audio? An Ambisonic sound system. Audio by Ambisonic Systems is unlike any other surround sound setup because of how the sound travels. Not only is the horizontal sound spectrum covered, but so is the space below and above you and your guests.

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With an Ambisonic System, Every Spot Is the Sweet Spot

Perhaps you already have a whole-home audio setup and now want to focus on a sound system option for your outdoor entertainment space.  However, after listening to your neighbor’s outdoor audio, you may have noticed a lack in audio quality.

That's because traditional sound systems have what is referred to as a “sweet spot,” which is an area that the listener positions themselves in where the audio sounds the best.

With Ambisonic Systems speakers, you don’t have to worry about finding that sweet spot because this type of system covers everywhere you sit or stand. Ambisonic’s unique wavelength design creates a unique 110-degree horizontal audience coverage with high-impact subwoofers for a full-range sound reproduction. Their speakers have been used in outdoor arenas and live music venues, and surely have the power to fill your patio or yard with music.

Speaker Placement is Vital to Your Ambisonic System

It’s essential to consult a professional to arrange your Ambisonic speaker system. Where you place your speakers is vital to how you will experience the audio of whatever you are listening to.

A professional will know exactly where to place each speaker for a truly immersive sound experience. Without help from a trained integrator, your backyard entertainment may not reach everyone’s ears.  

Speaker placement is a science. Trained professionals know how to work within whatever space they are in, whether that be indoors or outdoors.

Let’s Talk About Setting Up an Ambisonic System for Your Outdoor Space Today

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