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Why You Should Make Your New Bel Air Home a Smart One

Take These Factors into Consideration When Building a New Home

Why You Should Make Your New Bel Air Home a Smart One

So you're in the process of building your own home, and there are a million decisions to make. If you are embarking on new construction in the Los Angeles, California area, then it's crucial you make the right moves now before the structure is set in stone. The benefit is that you have the power to configure your home exactly as you want it. But have you considered making your new home a smart one? What this means is that if you plan and install the proper infrastructure and wiring at the beginning of the process, then you can enjoy a lot of luxuries – like wireless controls, multi-room music, and automation. Keep reading this blog to discover what factors you should take into consideration when installing smart home automation in a new house.

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Centralized lighting allows you to replace multiple banks of switches and replace them with stylish keypads. You can label buttons "all off", "all on", and add a dimmer to control the lighting in each room as well as throughout the entire house. You'll need a licensed electrician and an integrator like us to configure the lights as you like. Tie certain rooms together like the kitchen and the living room, or all the outdoor lights so you don't have to hit so many buttons. Additionally, wireless lighting systems allow you to turn lights on and off with your phone or tablet. Your installer needs to know if you want to incorporate lighting control early on so the right lights and switches can be installed.


Installing in wall or in-ceiling speakers into your house has a lot of benefits. First, it raises the value of the home. Place speakers in the ceilings and walls, and they become a permanent fixture in the structure – that is unless you go through the hassle of taking them out if you ever move. The second is that it saves you precious floor and bookshelf space. Instead of placing speakers on a shelf, you can add artwork, and floorstanding speakers can look cluttered. Interior designers always go with in-ceiling speakers because it will make your home look clean and sleek. The third benefit is that the sound will be evenly distributed. So as you walk throughout the house, one portion of the room won't be louder than the other, and you can hear the same soundtrack downstairs, upstairs, and outside. Before the walls go up, the installer will mark the places where the speakers will go, install them in the ceiling, and then place the dry wall around it. It's so much better to do this as the house is being constructed. If you want the speakers to be completely invisible, then we can install Sonance's invisible line and put a thin layer of dry wall over them. Lastly, if you want to put a dedicated home theater in the house, having an expert at your side is tantamount. We can design a surround sound system layout for you so that your home theater is commercial quality.


It's common for home security systems to be installed in new homes. But often they aren't very versatile and leave large keypads on the wall without integrating security cameras with the rest of the smart home system. When installed during the construction phase, all of your security zones and interior/exterior cameras can be integrated and hardwired back to a centralized system that has power supply and recording features.

This way, you can easily integrate all of these features with your smart home automation system and trigger actions from any device of your choice, like an in-wall touch screen or mobile device. The result is a home security system that is not only smart and gives you the peace-of-mind you need for your family's safety, but also is installed for maximum discretion and awareness so that if something unplanned ever does happen, you can be alerted immediately and capture what happened.

The bottom line is there are so many advantages to making your home smart, from raising the value of your home to enjoying the luxury of wireless controls and multi-room audio. It's always best to install these components at the earliest stages of construction so that you can customize your smart home exactly as you like.

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