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The Ultimate Home Theater

What Makes for a Superior Movie Viewing Experience? Explore What Elements Go into Giving You the Best Seat in the House.

The Ultimate Home Theater

Cinematographers and directors shoot and edit a film to be shown in the specialized environment of a movie house. The technology in both is used to accentuate the story on screen and blur the line between fantasy and reality.

A well-designed personal cinema is precisely designed and engineered to match or surpass commercial theater quality. Our certified designers and installers consider everything from the construction of the room itself to the selection of equipment. Understanding how the two elements work in concert is what separates a place to watch from an experiential one.

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The Room: The First Component

Whether you are looking to recreate the look of a vintage theater or a more modernist take, the materials used to construct and decorate it has an effect on sound and video.  Creating the optimal environment requires an understanding of how sound propagates and light is absorbed.

Every room, no matter how fastidiously laid out, has issues that create detrimental conditions. If you’ve chosen a square room with hard floors and high ceilings, we’ll have to treat the space for acoustics. Any windows or ambient light should be blocked with blackout motorized shades to avoid glare on the screen.

The Image Perfected

The image is the focus of any home theater. The interaction between the projector and screen dictates the quality you see. The two components work together to make up for a deficit in either of the room.

Projection screens are far more high-tech than most folks would presume. The various styles and types employ technology and tricks to create the best viewing experience in your room. Some screen materials diffuse the light hitting it for a more balanced seamless image. Other screens embed optical glass beads that amplify and focus the reflected light maximizing smaller rooms.

At the heart of the theater is the video projector, which produces the dazzling colors, extraordinary depth of field and stunning detail required by high-definition films. Projectors designed specifically for a private cinema are closely related to the professional models. These units include the same ability to show the 4K DCI 'wide-screen' resolution of 4096 x 2160. The sweeping vistas, generating a movie as the directors intended, is often beyond the capabilities of standard projectors or large screen monitors. 

Superior Sound That Surrounds You

While the action may be on the screen in front of you, it is the sound that makes it immersive. Every day we react to sounds cues from all around us to navigate the world. Often, we receive these signals subconsciously, reacting instinctively to their meaning.

Filmmakers use our natural reactions to influence our emotions and sense of anticipation, layering in sound cues. Surround sound envelops you in a multi-dimensional sound field where the nuance of a bee flying around you and the chest-rattling explosions feel as if they are right in front of you.

Best Seat in The House

Are you ready to have the ultimate movie experience without leaving your home? Sit back in your customized theater seating as the lights dim, knowing the house is secure and the adventure is about to begin. 

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