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The One Thing You Need for a Stunning Home Theater Experience

Don’t Overlook This Part of Your Home Theater Installation

The One Thing You Need for a Stunning Home Theater Experience

Installing a home theater is the dream for many homeowners. The crisp 4K video display, immersive surround sound system, and comfortable space optimized for presentation make it a great investment and an even better way to spend time with your friends and family.

But if you’re hoping for full Ultra HD and epic audio in your home theater (or any other room for that matter) there’s one aspect of your connected technology system that’s easy to overlook.

What’s the one thing that will offer better resolution and create stronger connections between your devices? Find out below!


What Goes into Your Home Theater?

There are certain aspects of a home theater that are fairly obvious. For instance, you know you need a video display and sound system. Whether you choose a traditional front-projector and screen or a modern smart TV, what you see and hear are among the most important parts of the experience.

But they’re not the only things you need to build a private cinema you’ll love to use. For that, you’ll likely want integrated control of all the technology in the space.

That means your lighting, thermostat, window shades, and any electronic lifts should operate under the same interface. Once they’re integrated, you won’t have to get out of your comfortable customized theater seat to adjust anything.


The One Thing That Will Enhance Your Experience

So how do you get the most out of your theater? You may need a network upgrade.

Your network makes it possible to connect all the technology in your home, but not all networks are created equal. Stronger networks imply faster speeds and more space for information to travel, so everything can operate comfortably throughout your home.

Consider this: the same network you use for your 1080p HD signal probably won’t cut it when you upgrade to 4K.

Why? Because 4K Ultra HD’s signal is four times the size of a 1080p signal. It requires more space, or “bandwidth” to send that information through the network. Add to that the operations of each of the other devices in your theater and your network can quickly become bogged down, sluggish, or even black out entirely.

Plus, if you’re living in a connected home, you’ll likely want to view your content in areas outside your home theater. From your family space to your bedroom – even your backyard! Reliable cabling will help your 4K signals reach every area of your property.

Want to learn more about how your network can enhance your home theater installation? Let’s talk!


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