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Technology That Fits Your Style - How We Work to Complement Design

Technology Does Not Have to Clash with Your Interior Design. We Work with Your Team to Make Fashion and Function Meet.

Technology That Fits Your Style - How We Work to Complement Design

Music and media are influential factors in your life; it gives you joy, sparks inspiration, informs you about the world, and gives pace to the day. Your favorite media can stream through your San Diego, CA house like sunlight from windows or cool air from vents. Audio-video installation technology has made it possible to access any content from anywhere in the world and deliver it to any device in your home.

While technology is central to our daily lives, it need not be the center of our home's focus. Electronics and gadgets have a way of interrupting interior design's flow and aesthetics. At One Touch Living, we understand that our systems are a means to an end, not the reason for a home.

Curious to learn more about how we work closely with architects and interior designers to bring your home to life?  Read more below.

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Technology for Home Wellness 

The automated home has brought remarkable conveniences that enhance its occupants’ lives and lifestyles. The luxury of tunable lighting works in a more human-centric manner, keeping you in sync with circadian cycles and climate control that provides well-being and comfort.  These processes are incorporated into the design or work seamlessly behind the scenes.

Audio & Video Across Your Property

Whole-home A/V distribution fills your home with music and media, enhancing the ambiance, keeping you occupied, or lifting the energy level throughout the day. Each room can have different content or follow you as you move through the house.

The speakers and high-definition monitors that deliver our media, remarkable as they are, often do not blend into the decor. Devices can stick out like sore thumbs, break up a room’s flow or interrupt a room’s ambiance. While some technology can be integrated into the designs or artfully incorporated, other solutions are often needed. 

Camouflage with Hidden AV 

Multiroom speakers are different from a home theater or a listening room; rather than being built to stand out, ceiling speakers want to be heard, not seen. The units are crafted to lay flush with grill covers that can be painted to blend in even more. In cases where there can be no disturbance of the surfaces, invisible speakers can provide full-throated audiophile-quality audio. Invisible speakers are designed to be mounted inside the walls, completely hiding the music source.

Television and monitors present a different challenge. The requirements of viewing TV dictates that they sit in a central place with seating focused on keeping sightlines clear. Rather than mounting flat panel monitors on a pedestal or an external mount, using in-wall flush mounting helps make the units more unobtrusive.

Sometimes the presence of a television, even when made to sit flush with a wall, conflicts with the room’s style or the homeowner’s preference. Perhaps you do not want the distraction a cold black screen presents to a room, or your personal preference is to minimize the evident use of technology.  Whatever the reasoning, there are options such as mounting in credenzas, behind retractable artwork, or mounted on lifts that slide into cabinets or ceilings.

We have a long history of working with interior designers, architects, and builders to ensure that all the home needs are accommodated.  Our design philosophy is to furnish smart home technology benefits that work for you.

At One Touch Living, we understand how to blend technology and design seamlessly. Contact us with your design team to learn more. Click here to send us a message or give us a call at (858) 798-9130 today!