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Speed Up Your Internet with Fiber Cabling

Improve your home network installation by upgrading this essential element

Speed Up Your Internet with Fiber Cabling

It's 2020, and the world is online. Whether you're working from home out of your San Diego, CA property or enjoying the latest shows and movies on Netflix, you need a network installation that can support all your activity. Fiber cabling improves speed, performance, bandwidth, and file sharing, so you can accomplish everything you need to do without experiencing lags or blackouts. Looking for a way to ensure fast, reliable, and secure connections throughout your property? Keep reading.

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Do You Need A Faster Network?

Many homeowners are foregoing summer vacation this year and adhering to social distancing guidelines. Some are running businesses from home. Others are taking over their children's education during an unusual year—all of these result in an overworking, overburdened network.

You may think that you have the fastest speed available. But it’s essential to remember that your ISP only shows you download speed - how fast information comes into your home. With so much traffic, you’ll also need to improve upload speed, for sharing files and information with your school or office.

Plus, improvements in TVs and video game systems mean 4K is not just a luxury; it's a requirement to experience a lot of modern entertainment. The higher resolution quickly overwhelms outdated networks and slows down your AV and smart home technology performance.

By upgrading to a 1GB or higher fiber cabling solution, you'll experience lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled reliability.

1GB Fiber Internet

Fiber internet improves speed and performance throughout your entire home. Watch your favorite movies and shows in seconds, and experience video games without lag. By combining a fiber network with the latest Wi-Fi or mesh networking solutions, you can work, watch, and play anywhere.

Additionally, when you have multiple users connected to your network at once, your system can slow and lag. Fiber cabling improves bandwidth so you can connect more devices, operate home automation, work from your home office, and enjoy the latest movies and shows with your family.

Work with Your Local Technology Professional

At One Touch Living, we design smart home solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle. From custom home theaters to total home automation, you can experience the comfort, convenience, and fun of integrated technology.

If you want to explore the possibilities of improved network speeds and performance, consider upgrading to a 1GB fiber network.

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