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Simple, Smart, and Stylish Shades by Lutron

Discover the Convenience of Installing Motorized Shades in Your California Home

Simple, Smart, and Stylish Shades by Lutron

Shades are an absolutely essential element in your home, so it’s important to figure out exactly what your style and preferences are ahead of time before you make a purchase. Motorized shades by Lutron are a simple, smart, and stylist solution for your San Diego home. You’ll enjoy remote access, mobile control, and features integrated into the rest of your smart home system. Here are three options for your motorized shade installation.

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Serena Shades

Serena shades are Lutron’s line of ultra-quiet, battery-powered shades and are installed wirelessly. One of the best features of this model is that they now work with Apple HomeKit, so you can control your shades with voice commands. Say to Siri “close my shades” and they will be drawn. You can also control them with a remote control, or through a smart home app on your smartphone or tablet. They come in roller and honeycomb styles. These shades provide insulation while controlling daylight and move up and down in perfect unison. Solar screen fabric provides you with a nice solution to reduce glare and allow you to still see outside windows. The batteries last 3-5 years, so you don’t have to constantly change them.

Sivoia QED and QS Triathalon

Sivoia QED (quiet electronic drive) and QS Triathalon can operate a variety of Lutron window treatments, including roller shades, drapery rack systems, kirbé vertical drapery systems, tensioned shades, and roman shades. Kirbé vertical drapery systems smoothly pull drapes up and down, instead of in the traditional side-by-side style.

Since these are wired shades, they can be integrated into a whole home smart system as well as Lutron lighting controls. Not only can you control the shades with a handheld remote, but also you can acc

ess them through keypads on the wall. You can simulate gradual sequences so the shades slowly come up in the morning and evening.
Since they help you save energy, they also contribute to points for LEED certification—meaning your home is an official energy-saver. These shades fit any window, even French doors, so that you can control the light in those hard-to-reach areas, as well as maintain privacy at home. Lutron shades can be integrated into a Savant and Control4 smart home system so you can save shade settings into scenes like “morning”, “goodnight”, and “movie time”.

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