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Savant Audio Brings Luxury to Listening

Savant Audio Distribution Provides Audiophile-Quality Experience to the Whole Home.

Savant Audio Brings Luxury to Listening

Music is powerful. It can move emotions, set the mood, entertain, and be an expression of self. We associate music with important events and milestones, weaving it into our lives like photographs and memories. Having music throughout the home, whether in individual rooms or groups of rooms, raises it from an experience to experiential. Savant’s savvy audio solutions

combine audiophile quality with modern distribution and control.

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High Fidelity, Networked

Savant takes your sound to the next level by incorporating distribution via Ethernet networks. Audio is delivered using AVB (Audio Video Bridging), the industry-standard trusted by broadcasters, professionals, and discerning homes.

Traditionally, audio distribution in the home involved running great analog cable lengths from a central equipment rack to each destination room. Savant IP audio eliminates the need for miles of speaker cable with signal line boosters to compensate for the loss. The system keeps the signal digital from source to the room, maximizing the sound quality and minimizing cable.

As the audio travels along a standard network cable, there is no need to place all the equipment in one dedicated closet. The audio sources and amplifiers can be distributed anywhere on the property, bringing an unparalleled ability to move music anywhere you want. Imagine having the ability to manage up to 96 rooms with 16 simultaneous Savant Music streams to fill your home.

Bringing the Music to Life

Once the signal reaches the room, it needs to get your ears. High-quality sound can be delivered on the best network, but it's the speakers that truly bring it to life. Whether you want to rock out in the living room, shimmy in the kitchen, or bring some background to a dinner party- Savant has the speaker to fit your expectations and decor.

Artison has made a name producing fidelity inspired speakers to create a remarkably accurate and precise reproduction of the music.  Now partnered with Savant, they can provide solutions to fit your home and your high expectations.

Envelop the rooms with ultra-slim and powerful architectural ceiling speakers, bringing the space alive with music while discreetly blending into the room.  Want a bit more oomph? The standalone or the in-wall subwoofers will provide as much physical low end as you desire.

Even in rooms where the design and decor do not allow for visible speakers, music is possible. Using the invisible sound surface speakers, you can have the same deep lows and clear highs while mounted inside the walls.

Listen in Luxury

The Savant system can accommodate nearly any format or audio source. 

Choose from streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Qobuz, Amazon HD, and more. The Savant App and remote allows you to call up multiple streams or playlists to set the mood or atmosphere in any room of the house. The Savant media servers give you access to your personally curated collection of uploaded albums. 

Are you looking to bring the highest quality audio to your San Diego home? Call us at (858) 798-9130, click on the chat box at the bottom of your browser or contact us online.