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Personalize Your California Smart Home with Savant Systems

Create Custom Settings with Savant Home Automation

Personalize Your California Smart Home with Savant Systems

In the movie “When Harry Met Sally” Billy Crystal teases Meg Ryan whenever she tweaks her order at restaurants. Her response is “Well, I just want it the way I want it.” The truth is that when you have a particular taste, it’s important to be able to customize things. 

The good news is that when you get a Savant system, you can personalize your smart home. The Savant app allows you to save special settings and use them whenever you want with one touch. Below we’ve highlighted a few ways that Savant can add value, comfort and convenience to your daily routine.

Set the Scene with a Single App

Savant lets you create a home that is uniquely yours with an app for your mobile device, such as your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet. Simply open up the app and begin to create a “scene” for your activity or occasion. Let’s say you are planning a summer pool party for family and friends. Make a music playlist with some beachy tunes, choose the TV channel you’d like to display, and the lighting levels you’d like to set. Save it as “Pool Party”, even add a photo to the scene, and then save it for future gatherings and parties. Before guests arrive, simply open the app, choose your “Pool Party” scene, and instantly your home is ready for some summer fun! You could be planning a birthday party, or simply getting ready every day for an evening meal. Whatever occasion you’re anticipating, the Savant app can help you set the exact mood.

Get Going on Your Getaway Faster

Vacations or business trips take a lot of planning to execute perfectly. In the days prior to your departure, instead of running around trying to remember every item to turn off, a home automation system can do it all for you. The “vacation” button can be tailored to cover everything on your to do list, from setting the temperature to a level that saves energy, to lowering shades and turning a security system on.  Your relaxing vacation begins with the press of a button, not after completing a long list of errands. And you’ll stay relaxed knowing your home is safe with the ability to monitor your home through security cameras and alerts on a mobile device from miles away. 

Let Your System Run the Show

Though special occasions and getaways take more planning, setting a daily routine can sometimes be equally as difficult and time consuming. With Savant’s home automation system, your house can be programmed to a specific setting and run on auto pilot. It saves you time so you don’t have to mess with the small things and can focus on the bigger items on your plate every day. With automated lighting and shading, the house wakes up before you do by turning on lights and drawing the curtains. Sensors can also be installed to detect movement and automatically turn the lights on. When you leave, it simply shuts off saving energy. Tell your system what you like, and it will make it right every day for you. How awesome is that?

It’s super easy to get it just the way you like it with Savant. If you’re ready to update your La Jolla, California area home with Savant, just fill out our online form and let us know what your goals are. Just like Sally said to Harry, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit picky.

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