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Meet the Demands of Luxury Homebuyers with A Control4 Installation

Discover How Partnering with A Premier Integrator Attracts New Buyers and Retains Current Clients

Meet the Demands of Luxury Homebuyers with A Control4 Installation

The demand for luxury housing in California and the Rancho Santa Fe region is higher than ever. The current wave of homebuyers is younger and more tech-savvy than previous generations. Millennials are increasingly interested in connectivity, convenience, and custom integration that not only reacts to their needs but enhances their lifestyle. 

When you partner with One Touch Living for a Control4 installation, your clients’ homes will be finished with an intelligent home control system. We offer the technology and teamwork that ensures the highest quality installations with your margins in mind. 

Are you curious about how we can help your home builds and projects? Then continue reading to learn more about Control home automation. 

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The Smart Home Advantage

A smart home does more than simplify the management of a property; it conforms to the way individuals live, allowing them to live their best life. When crafting the perfect environment with climate control, smart lighting, or connecting it all with enterprise-grade networking, getting it right the first time matters.

Multimedia That Delivers

Today’s homeowners expect instantaneous access to movies and music from across the globe in any or all rooms. Our award-winning team of integrators ensure a home is future-proofed with pre-wire solutions that deliver 4K and 8K video and high-definition audio for years to come.

Whether they enjoy the latest movies and shows in the home theater or music outdoors, a Control4 system delivers nothing less than audiophile quality solutions. The sophisticated and intuitive interfaces allow you to enjoy songs from high-definition and MQA sources such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon HD, and more.

Sophisticated Lighting Control

Lighting dramatically influences how we move through the day; more than simply guiding us in the dark, it instills ambiance, inspiration, and well-being. A Control4 tunable lighting system creates warm and inviting spaces, keeping individuals attuned to their circadian rhythms. A homeowner sets the right mood, adds focus where needed, and sleeps more soundly.

While allowing natural sunlight to stream in has many obvious benefits, too much of a good thing can be problematic. Motorized shades not only add a final fit and finish to a room, but they also manage the amount and type of light that enters. Reducing the UV rays and heat means less stress on HVAC systems, saving energy costs, and providing consistent comfort. 

Building Relationships

Successful projects depend on timely and precise coordination between associated trades. Our goal is to prevent delay or miscommunication, keeping schedules on track. Are you ready for a collaborative relationship that emphasizes a dedication to excellence and on-time delivery of technology systems? 

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