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Make the Backyard Your Favorite Spot with an Outdoor Sound System

Audiophile-Quality Music Doesn’t Have to Stay Indoors While You Step Out.

Make the Backyard Your Favorite Spot with an Outdoor Sound System

Backyard entertaining is one of the great pleasures of being a homeowner. The freedom to expand living space beyond the walls of your smart home opens the possibilities for celebrating family milestones, game day get-togethers, or just relaxing by the pool.

An outdoor sound system brings the inspiration, excitement, and energizing power of your music without compromising quality.  Whether it is a night under the stars or a lazy Sunday barbeque with the family, high-end outdoor speakers let you hear every detail, feel every low bass line. 

Are you ready to have award-winning audio design and integration in your San Diego outdoor spaces? Click through to learn more.

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More Music = Better Moods

Music has a special connection with human beings; it permeates our cultures and is considered an innate component of our biology.  Medical studies show that the single action of listening to music stimulates nearly every area of the brain. When you expand your speaker system outdoors, you’ll be enjoying music more often. We can integrate all your speakers into one easy-to-control system, so in one tap of a button, your mind is flooded with musically inspired serotonin.

Ambient Sonics

While interior multi-room audio systems utilize and compensate for the walls’ physical boundaries, it is a different story outdoors. Without a room to fill, propagating sound outside can leave you with dull and blurry audio as it is lost to the greater space of your backyard.

Our designs create a multidimensional sound field that envelopes the yard in stunningly precise and detailed audio the rivals your home theater. Whether you are near the speakers or several feet away, the music reaches you without excessive volume. 

Heard Not Seen

The technology of audio reproduction does not need to be front and center when you are entertaining. Unlike a listening room, the focus should be on the personal interactions and the songs’ feelings. Outdoor speakers furnish installation and mounting options that allow the speakers to be hidden away or blend into the landscape.

Maintain the sweeping architectural lines of the house uncluttered by placing speakers out of sightlines. Discreetly mount the units in cornices, corners, or camouflaged to imitate natural objects or lawn whimseys. Regardless of your aesthetic choice, you enjoy audiophile quality in the grandeur of your landscaping.

Boost Your Backyard Appeal

A superior outdoor sound system is about more than music; watching movies under the stars or catching the game on the patio benefits from the better sound. You will feel like you are at the movies or behind home plate. 

Are you ready to make the backyard your favorite room in the house?  Contact to learn more. Click here or give us a call at (858) 798-9130 for a no-obligation consultation today!

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