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Love High-Performance Audio? Take it Outside

It’s Time to Start Enjoying Your Back Yard Again

Love High-Performance Audio? Take it Outside

It never gets very cold in southern California.

So that means you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Del Mar, CA all year round.

But while you may have crafted the perfect landscape and have found a home with a great view, there might still be something missing.

What could it be? The perfect high-performance audio system.

If you’re an audiophile that wants to enjoy the natural atmosphere of your own backyard, this blog is for you.

In it, we’ll show you how easy it is to install an outdoor audio system you can enjoy all year long.

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The speakers you use in your outdoor sound system are a little different than the ones you use inside.

For a dedicated listening space, the speakers usually feature wooden cabinets, stylish designs and they also use the echoes of the room to help create the sound.

But outside, there’s usually no place for the sound to bounce back.

That means your outdoor speakers need to be strategically placed to fire inwardly around the area.

Bullet speakers are a perfect solution, because their narrow cabinet shape creates a pointed beam of sound. When multiple units are arranged around the area, they offer a full-bodied resonance.

Plus, their color and size help them blend in with the surrounding landscape, so you don’t have to look at them to enjoy them.


The cornerstone of any good audio system is a quality sub.

It lends impact to your favorite songs by enhancing the bass.

But the subwoofer is also usually a bigger piece of equipment – one that can’t compact down to the size of a hidden bullet speaker.

So how do you get the bone-rattling low notes out of your outdoor system?

Simple: bury it.

Underground subs are the perfect solution, whether they’re hidden under your deck or within the ground itself.

By installing them underground, your system is more robust and the unit itself remains protected from the elements.

Outdoor Amps

Chances are, you’re going to need to boost the signal from your AV receiver if you want it to sound powerful in your back yard.

That means you’ll need an outdoor amp.

An amp does exactly what it sounds like: it helps amplify the signal from your system to make it louder and more powerful.

Outdoor amps are typically buried underground and stored within waterproof containers, making them easy to maintain and service.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can begin enjoying high-end audio outside, let us know!

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