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Immerse Yourself in Outdoor Entertainment with AmbiSonic Systems

A Sphere of Sound for Your Backyard

Immerse Yourself in Outdoor Entertainment with AmbiSonic Systems

It may not feel like it in Del Mar, but the autumn season is nearly upon us. While the cool ocean breeze stays constant year-round in southern California, much of the country will start to feel the pinch of cold. So, why not get the most out of your west coast paradise by enjoying an outdoor entertainment system in your backyard? With advances in immersive audio from manufacturers like AmbiSonic Systems, you can hear more and experience your favorite music and video content like never before. Want to revitalize your outdoor spaces this year? Keep reading.

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What Is Ambisonic Sound?

An audio system typically works by assigning signals to channels, or speakers. When you listen to your favorite music or movies, each sound comes from a specific speaker. In the case of a surround sound system, that may mean dialogue from a front, center channel while explosions and music come from the rear channels.

Ambisonics is a method of divorcing the sound from the channel assignment, so it appears more realistic. Additionally, overhead speaker components mean your system can deliver audio in three dimensions. The combined effect is audio that moves fluidly within a sphere of sound, so you get more out of your listening experience.

Though the concept has been around since the 70s, it’s only been recently adopted for commercial and residential use. You may have heard of home theater audio formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, which both represent ambisonic applications.

For outdoor spaces, it means you hear more detail and can enjoy your music in an entirely new way. AmbiSonic Systems, a leader in forward-thinking technology, has started to transform the landscape of outdoor audio by bringing the concept to the backyard and beyond.

How AmbiSonic Systems Creates Incredible Sound

AmbiSonic Systems can transform your backyard audio with unique, customized solutions that fit your lifestyle and entertainment goals. With custom line arrays built with specialized software, they can immerse your backyard in sound like you’ve never heard before.

Line arrays are vertical, hanging racks of multiple speakers designed to offer full coverage of the space. Wide horizontal dispersion and vertical directivity help create the sphere effect. And line arrays can feature as few as four and as many as 16 modules. The audiophile-quality sound and tightly controlled directivity provide superior clarity to any environment.

AmbiSonic Systems uses Array Optimization Software (AOS) to design each array for optimal sound dispersion. AOS allows them to plan for distance mapping, suspension point, weight, and geometry to craft the perfect solution.

There’s plenty more to learn about AmbiSonic Systems. If you want to get started, click here now.