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How to Customize the Content in Your Home Theater

The Ultimate Guide to Quality Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games

How to Customize the Content in Your Home Theater

So far we’ve covered the essentials you need for a custom home theater—a 4K projector, screen, comfy seating, and surround sound system. But what do you need to get the best content? The type of movie or game you choose matters, and the source you use to play it can affect the performance as well. Keep reading this blog to learn what you need to access all of the best video content in your Rancho Santa Fe, CA home. 

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Kaleidescape is a movie server that plays 4K and HD content, which you can either rent or purchase. However, instead of streaming the movie (which involves playing content over an Internet connection) you download it first and then play it. Streaming content will never be as good as playing a digital file or disc because it relies on the stability of the Internet connection to perform well, and the truth is that isn’t always up to par. Plus, when you play content locally, your TV or projector already has all of the information it needs to produce the picture. Another benefit of using Kaleidescape is that you can store all of your movies on it. If you have a bunch of DVDs or Blu-rays, you can upload them onto the server and access them digitally. That way you can browse through your most beloved films as well as new ones all on the same platform.

Video Streaming

Some of the best and most exclusive content is offered from video streaming companies. The big players like Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu have been producing new TV shows and movies for its monthly subscribers. To access these streaming services, you’ll need a device to connect to your projector or TV. Many smart TVs already come with access to these applications, but if they don’t you’ll need a player such as a Roku to connect to. In addition to the player and monthly subscription, you’ll also need a strong Internet connection. Ultra HD and HD movies require more bandwidth, and therefore a stronger Wi-Fi connection. As a professional in home networking, One Touch Living can ensure your Internet is secure and reliable enough to support all of your video streaming services.

Prima Cinema

Video streaming services and movie servers like Kaleidescape have many movies and shows that you can watch in the comfort of your own home, but what about new releases? For the biggest movie fans, we recommend Prima Cinema which gives you access to newly released movies on their opening day. You can avoid the crowds and enjoy the most anticipated films right at home. This service is also ideal for when you want to invite friends over for a party or special occasion.

Do any of these options appeal to you? We can set up a custom home theater for you and help you choose the right movie server or video streaming option so that you have lots of amazing content at your fingertips. Contact us online for more information.