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How Do You Create the Perfect Surround Sound System for your San Diego Home?

One Touch Living can Design the Media Room of Your Dreams

How Do You Create the Perfect Surround Sound System for your San Diego Home?

There are many different ways to set up a media room, and surround sound is definitely a good choice to enhance your entertainment experience. Do you watch a lot of movies in your San Diego home? Our integrators can design a system that will blow you away when you watch your favorite flick or play a video game.

In this blog, One Touch Living will give you insight on some of the best sound components and the reasons why it’s important to hire an integrator to perfect your home theater.

Dolby Atmos Revolutionizes the Home Entertainment Experience

Dolby Atmos powers cinemas across the country. Dolby is one of the biggest innovators of surround sound and continues to develop the latest sound technology. To create a lifelike experience, our team at One Touch Living will place speakers in the ceiling, in front, on the sides, and behind you in the room. But the Dolby Atmos system involves more than simply placing speakers in key locations. The system includes placing specific sound elements in a 3D space.

Instead of just pushing sound to one particular speaker, it goes to a point in a 3D space and moves. With Atmos, you feel like water is falling on a canopy above you because the system pulls the sound up from ear-level speakers to the ones overhead.

To set up this experience at home, you need Dolby Atmos equipment and our professionals to map out the 3D space and calibrate the room. There are also over 150 Atmos-enabled movies, including popular flicks like The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gravity, and Frozen. So if you are a movie buff and want to experience cinema sound in your living room, Dolby and One Touch
Living are your go-to experts.

Sonus Faber Loudspeakers Impress Dedicated Music Lovers

Sonus Faber loudspeakers go beyond performance quality, they are also incredibly pleasing to the eye. They offer speakers in different finishes, like walnut, leather, black, white and more. They also come in different sizes. So how do you choose?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How big is the room?
  2. What kind of musical reproduction are you trying to make with the speakers?
  3. What genre of music are you going to play?

For a home theater, you typically need main channel speakers in the front, a center channel in line with the video screen, back speakers, and a subwoofer which can be placed anywhere in the room—except for corners. If you simply want to add freestanding or bookshelf speakers to your bedroom or kitchen, we recommend 2-channel loudspeakers for a 2-dimensional listening experience.

Whether you want a Dolby Atmos 3D home theater experience or some amazing loudspeakers for your media room, we can set up the perfect surround sound system for you. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website to learn more.