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Going Beyond the Basics with Your Custom Home Theater

How to Take Your California Theater to the Next Level

Going Beyond the Basics with Your Custom Home Theater

Previously on our blog, we’ve talked about the essential “must-haves” for home theaters. But as important as it is to have the right screen, surround sound, and seating, there are other elements that make a custom home theater truly great. Below, we outline three areas to focus on if you want your La Jolla area home theater to stand out.

Theater Design

Many homeowners think that in order to have great acoustics in the theater, they have to sacrifice any décor on the walls. While it’s true that you probably don’t want to fill the room with decorations, there are plenty of ways to make the room pop without compromising on sound at all. Your home theater contractor can show you specialized acoustics panels that are designed to look like art or offer guidance on where to place different pieces to enhance the room’s look without affecting the surround sound.

The big trend these days is to design your theater around a certain theme. You could have subtle lighting installed into the ceiling that makes it look like a starry night as part of a 1960s drive-in theater theme. Add chrome finishing and colored lights to complement a sci-fi film theme. Try faux grass carpet and a tree canopy for a more natural look. Whatever theme you go with, the important thing is to match it to your personality wherever possible.

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Hidden Technology

Nothing distracts from a well-designed theater quite like a bunch of cords and equipment laying around. To keep the focus on your stunning 4K visuals and surround sound, design the space so that technology is hidden away whenever possible. For the sound equipment, that doesn’t mean placing a screen in front of the speakers. Instead, audio manufacturers such as Steinway Lyngdorf supply speakers specifically designed to hide in ceilings and walls without affecting sound quality. You get that same amazing surround sound experience without having to look at the speakers.

Using A/V distribution, the other equipment such as Blu-ray players and A/V receivers can be hidden away in a cabinet. Even your projector and screen can be hidden in the ceiling, then automatically lowered right before the movie starts. In short, every technological element can be strategically designed to create that clean, uncluttered look.

Smart Home Automation

When you walk into a commercial cinema, your movie-watching experience isn’t hampered by having to turn on the projector, lower the screen, dim the lights, etc. All you have to do is grab your snacks and find a seat. And while today’s technology isn’t advanced enough to instantly supply you with freshly made popcorn, it can handle the rest.

Using a smart home automation system, all of the technology in the room is connected to one central control device: your smartphone or tablet. Even the lights and thermostat can be controlled remotely. Using this system, all you have to do when you’re ready to enjoy your custom home theater is press the “Movie” button. The screen will display all of your available film choices, and as soon as you select one, the magic happens. Instantly, the projector turns on and lowers, the lights dim, and your movie starts playing. Simple as that.

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