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Enhance Your Home with Advanced Climate Control and Energy Management

Discover How A Luxury Home with Smart Home Automation Makes You More Comfortable and Reduces Your Power Costs

Enhance Your Home with Advanced Climate Control and Energy Management

Smart home automation dramatically affects your lifestyle, from enhancing your well-being through lighting to bringing the cinema experience into your house. The sophisticated controls and remote apps make living both simpler and more luxurious. But what is often overlooked is how automation creates the perfect environment while ensuring your power usage is consistent and efficient.

An integrated climate control network not only helps you to sleep better, balances your circadian rhythms, and enables you to feel vital and energized throughout the day. More than a simple, smart thermostat, whole-home applications allow your home to manage itself.

Are you looking for a better way to make your San Diego, CA home comfortable while saving energy? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Comfort Set to You

What defines comfort changes throughout the day. Research has shown that the temperature you sleep and wake to impacts the quality of your rest. For example, setting your bedroom to 60 degrees stimulates changes that promote more profound, more active REM sleep. Likewise, setting your system to raise the ambient temperature to 68 degrees Fahrenheit 15 minutes before waking encourages your body to get moving. 

Walking through your house should be a consistent experience where you do not need a sweater in one room and instantly need to strip down as you enter another. Traditional HVAC controls place thermostats in each room but often do not collate the readings to determine optimal performance and temperature. A smart home system combines a network of sensors to get a view of your entire house, balancing heat, humidity, and air quality. 

Maximum Power, Minimum Impact

The power to your home is more tenuous than ever before. Climate change, seasonal fires, and exponentially increased demand all put a strain on existing transmission lines. When electricity is degraded or interrupted, your lifestyle and security are put in jeopardy.

A home energy management system guarantees you consistent energy at the lowest cost while maximizing the use of renewable resources. A dedicated controller monitors the stability of power entering your home from sources like SDGE or PG&E. When it notices potential brownout or blackout conditions, it seamlessly switches to alternative battery backup. During extended periods of power loss, the processor shuts off non-essential devices, providing you essential services for longer. 

You can see how much power your home uses during normal operations and drill down to see which rooms or individual devices draw the most. In addition, the system monitors peak hour rates from the utility and moves you to solar or wind infrastructure to minimize costs and reduce grid stress.

A Better Home 

Your home should be a space where you feel welcome and inspired to create every day. Are you ready to become more comfortable and independent? Click here or give us a call at (858) 798-9130 today!

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