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Clever Ways to Disguise Your Smart Home Part 1

How to Use Home Automation and Interior Design to Make Your California Property Look Gorgeous

Clever Ways to Disguise Your Smart Home Part 1

What is your number-one goal when it comes to designing your Bel-Air, CA home? Is it style, comfort, or practicality? The good news is that you can accomplish all three of those goals and more with home automation. With easy-to-use controls and cleverly hidden technology you can make your home look beautiful and feel comfortable in it too! Read this blog to learn more.

Hidden TVs

One of the best ways to put the focus on artwork or other décor in your home is to hide your television. But wouldn’t that be a bit impractical? With home automation you can easily conceal the screen and bring it out with a control anytime you like. Here are a few ways you can hide a TV.


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Samsung’s Frame TV

This brand new gadget by Samsung would be perfect in a living room or guest bedroom. The Frame TV blurs the lines between art and entertainment since it looks exactly like a hanging art piece. It uses the latest 4K Ultra HD technology to make the picture look like a still image floating on the wall. 

The Frame TV comes with 100 different professional art pieces that appear on the screen when the TV is not in use. To anyone who doesn’t know any better, the room’s focal point is a tasteful piece of art, not a clunky television screen.

Seura’s Smart Bathroom Mirror

Seura has been producing mirror TVs for years, but this new mirror TV has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it blend in seamlessly with your large mirror, but it can also display the weather report, your favorite apps, and TV shows. The best part is you can access all of this with your voice! Imagine waking up in the morning and shaving your face while accessing the morning news or catch up on your daily schedule via a connected calendar app. 

Electronic House reported, ““The development of this new technology was driven by significant market and lifestyle movements,” says Tim Gilbertson, Séura COO and co-founder. “A 2016 study of bathroom trends by Houzz reported that nearly 60% of people are now bringing smart phones into their bathroom in an effort to stay connected. We designed this product to deliver the same benefits smartphones provide in a better way, with the convenience of curated information, and a larger and well-placed display with both touch and voice control. ”

Stay tuned for part 2 of our line of articles on how to hide home automation. Contact us online if you have any questions or want to get started on transforming your home today.