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A True Luxurious Lifestyle Starts with Home Automation

Accentuate and Optimize Luxury with a State-of-the-Art Home Automation System

A True Luxurious Lifestyle Starts with Home Automation

A life of luxury is hard-earned and worth every penny, but choosing the right technologies to make it even better can be a struggle without a professional to help. At One Touch Living, we are experts in navigating the intersection of luxury and technology and offer our clients in San Diego, CA, top-of-the-line technology solutions for their homes.

Chief among our line of services is the home automation system that powers and integrates every technology for our clients, making their homes smarter and more luxurious.

Here are three ways technology automation will accentuate and optimize life and luxury in your home.

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Improving Your Quality of Life

Plenty of effort goes into designing every space to reflect your lifestyle at home. Technology and automation should enhance these spaces and their function as well. Tunable lights and smart controllers by companies like Lutron are a great first step to a healthier life at home. They are designed to accentuate your space, provide ambiance, and even mimic natural lighting. 

For instance, human-centric lighting from Lutron Ketra lets homeowners set light temperature and intensity for any space, increasing productivity somewhere like a home office or inviting relaxation and intimacy in the bedrooms. The entire lighting system can be automated too. 

Even outdoor areas, which often go unused except during an event or family gathering, can become ideal spaces to relax and decompress under the right light. 

Automating Luxury at Home

Luxury is all about comfort and convenience, and so is automation. It makes sense for both to work together and give you and your family the perfect home life. Here is an example of the power of automation. 

It’s movie night, and you are ready to watch your favorite movie for the tenth time. You take out your smartphone, open the Savant or Control4 app, and go to the kitchen to get the popcorn ready. Meanwhile, in the home theater, the smart lights dim and the shades go down. The Kaleidescape movie player selects the right film, and the Steinway Lyngdorf surround sound system springs into action. 

A minute later, the popcorn is ready, and your Cineak plush seats are waiting for you and your family to press “Play” and enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience. 

Optimizing Your ROI

Luxury isn’t cheap, nor should it be, but you still need to keep an eye on every investment you make. From climate control to energy management and AV systems, home automation saves you time, money, and effort both in the short and long term. 

With professional installation and advice, your home can become healthier, smarter, and more efficient. Contacting our experts is the first step. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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