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3 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Landscape

One Touch Living can Install Surround Sound Systems Outdoors for Your California Home

3 Ways to Incorporate Music into Your Landscape

If you live in Southern California, like Rancho Santa Fe or anywhere on the coast, then you most likely have a pool and a patio. With some of the most enjoyable weather in the country, it’s easy to spend most of your time outside. What makes your experience outdoors even more relaxing and fun? Music! But how do you put in speakers without making your landscape look tacky. And which surround sound systems are best for the outdoors and can withstand all the elements? In this blog we’ll be your expert guide for creating an exciting scene for all your sunny activities.

      1. Dress Your Speakers in Camo

Sonance is a master at making your speakers blend in with your landscaping. They have developed a special line of audio products that look like rocks. These speakers have a durable, weather-resistant construction that is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environments. They deliver clean and articulate sound while resisting damage from the elements. Internal wire connections also eliminate possible corrosion caused by moisture and other outdoor elements. You could be swimming in your pool, listening to your favorite playlist and not even know where the sound is coming from! We can turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat.

2. Boost the Bass, No Treble

Are you all about the bass? We can put your subwoofers underground so that you get that added depth and volume throughout your grounds without disturbing you outdoor decor. If you really don’t mind the look of a traditional speaker, Sonance has other outdoor lines that look stylish too. Sonance satellite speakers feature all-weather materials and still bring you the performance of high-end Hi-Fi speakers. With three different sizes and ranges, you can provide ambient background music or blast your family and friends with concert-level volume making you feel like you’re in the front row. Hang them on the patio, or situate them on the bar top. The best thing about Sonance is that you don’t have to sacrifice Hi-Fi sound just because you are outdoors.

3. Perfect Your Playlist

The music you stream can have a big influence on the mood of your get-together. If you want to play the same track throughout your entire property, both inside and outside, a whole house music control system can make it very easy. You can play different artists in different rooms, or the same playlist everywhere.

Our team can help you access all of your music sources, like Pandora, Spotify, XM Radio, and your MP3s. Change songs when no one is on the dance floor with your iPad and then lower the volume later so the neighbors aren’t disturbed.

Whether you are chilling to some classic guitar solos by the pool with a mimosa in your hand or having a dance party inside with some rock n’ roll, a control system will be your handy go-to solution for entertaining.

Get ready for your next gathering with friends and family by renovating your outdoor area with amazing audio. One Touch Living can guide you through the whole process and give you exactly what you need for every occasion. Contact us to learn more.