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3 Ideas for Incorporating Your Love of Sports in a Home Theater

Get Ready for Every Sports Season with a Custom Home Theater

3 Ideas for Incorporating Your Love of Sports in a Home Theater

The 2017 Football season kicks off on September 7th; are you ready? One of the best ways to enjoy the big game is in a custom home theater in your Bel Air, California home. With 4K picture, surround sound and automation controls, you’ll be comfortable and in control. Of course you’ll want the newest and best technology, but there are other ways to make the room your own. Keep reading this blog to get some ideas on how to customize a home theater with sports fans in mind.

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  1. Choose your favorite team’s colors.

This may seem obvious, but decorating the room with your team’s colors and sports memorabilia is a great way to make the room feel like your own. The one thing to keep in mind is that your color choices do matter. In a home theater, darker colors tend to work better because they produce less reflections and glare. For example, if you are a Rams fan, then choose a regal navy color for the walls and use gold and white as accent colors for the trim and other accessories. Match the walls by picking navy leather recliners and then place white bean bags in front of them so they don’t block the view. Hang jerseys or any other team items on the walls or on shelves to make it clear whose side you are on!

  1. Add custom lighting.

We can install a fiber optic star ceiling to give you the feeling you are at the stadium underneath the stars. Some star-studded ceilings also help improve the acoustics in the room since they are made of padded panels. You can change the settings too with a remote and send a shooting star across the sky or increase the twinkle effect to make the room really shine. We recommend you automate all the lighting in the room.  You can easily control every light from the path lights to the star-filled ceiling and the main lights around the room for the times it needs to be cleaned or updated.

   3.  Incorporate a refreshments section.

A night of football isn’t complete without a beverage and snack. Add a bar behind the home theater or in an adjoining room so that you can quickly walk over to a small fridge and grab a beer. Add in a popcorn machine or any other device for making snacks and you will have a fun night full of delicious food, cheers, and laughs.

We work with interior designers and builders to create custom home theaters. What’s your favorite team? Contact us online to tell us and we’ll meet with you to get started!