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Make The Open Seas More Entertaining With A Yacht Control System

Enjoy the Highest Quality Entertainment, No Matter Where Your Travels Take You from Ship to Shore

Make The Open Seas More Entertaining With A Yacht Control System

For many people, the dream is to own a property that sits right on the edge of an ocean. Gazing out over the incoming sea or watching a sunrise is a breathtaking experience at any time of the year. While a beach home furnishes you with remarkable sensations, life on your yacht surpasses them all. 

Being out on the open water enhances privacy, quiet, and relaxation that is hard to replicate on land. Just because you are far from the noise and nonsense of some land-lovers, it does not mean you have to leave the luxury of smart home technologies behind. 

A yacht control system offers you the ability to enjoy stunning high-definition video and audiophile-quality sound without sacrificing the sophistication and elegance of your surroundings. 

Is your curiosity piqued by the possibilities for your San Diego, CA-based yacht? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Smart Home Automation That Suits Your Lifestyle

A Savant Dealer Creates the Perfect Smart Home, One That Responds to Your Needs and Desires

Smart Home Automation That Suits Your Lifestyle

Technology is an ever-increasing part of our everyday lives. As a luxury homeowner, you have many options available, each claiming to provide solutions to simplify daily life. 

Off-the-shelf IoT devices present blinking lights and simple access, but their product lines lack a reliable way to coordinate all disparate technologies under one central controller. As a Savant dealer, we provide a better way to satisfy your desires and day-to-day needs. 

More than a collection of devices, a home automation system unifies all subsystems in your house, from entertainment to security. The networked units work in tandem, regulating your home's operation, from distributed media and tunable lighting to heating and cooling.

Do the possibilities for your Jolla, CA home intrigue you? Continue reading below to learn more. 

TAGS: Lighting Control | Multiroom Audio | Savant Dealer | Smart Home Automation

Meet the Demands of Luxury Homebuyers with A Control4 Installation

Discover How Partnering with A Premier Integrator Attracts New Buyers and Retains Current Clients

Meet the Demands of Luxury Homebuyers with A Control4 Installation

The demand for luxury housing in California and the Rancho Santa Fe region is higher than ever. The current wave of homebuyers is younger and more tech-savvy than previous generations. Millennials are increasingly interested in connectivity, convenience, and custom integration that not only reacts to their needs but enhances their lifestyle. 

When you partner with One Touch Living for a Control4 installation, your clients’ homes will be finished with an intelligent home control system. We offer the technology and teamwork that ensures the highest quality installations with your margins in mind. 

Are you curious about how we can help your home builds and projects? Then continue reading to learn more about Control home automation. 

TAGS: Control4 System Installation | Smart Home Control | Whole Home Audio

Luxury at Sea: Smart Technology for Custom Yacht Interiors

Find Inspiration and Relaxation Aboard with a Smart Yacht System

Luxury at Sea: Smart Technology for Custom Yacht Interiors

There is a certain sensuousness to the time spent at sea, the smell of the sun, salt air, and the wind in your hair, creating a vigorous renewal of the self. Having the means to cast off and find tranquility and adventure is one of the exclusive pleasures of owning a luxury ship.

Just because you are heading offshore for a while does not mean you have to sacrifice the convenience of smart home technologies. A custom yacht interior is elevated with the addition of audio-video distribution, personalized lighting, security, and high-speed networking.

Are you curious about the possibilities, whether docked in the San Diego, CA area or at sea? Keep reading below to discover how good it can be.

TAGS: Custom Yacht Interior | Home Theater Installation | Lighting Control | Smart Home