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Monitor Your Second Home or Rental with Automation

How Technology can Help You Manage Multiple Properties

Monitor Your Second Home or Rental with Automation

Buying properties to rent them out and flipping fixer-uppers has been very trendy in recent years. Some people in the Rancho Santa Fe area see it as a wise investment. But if you manage more than one house it can get difficult to keep tabs on it and make sure it is well taken care of. Home automation is a very useful tool in these situations. Not only do you get the additional benefit of a professional and up to date security system, but you also can reduce annual costs on energy and stay in control of the property at all times—even in emergencies. Keep reading to learn more.

Why is a Professionally Installed Music System Better?

The Perks of Hiring an Expert to Install Whole House Audio

Why is a Professionally Installed Music System Better?

You may think that simply walking into an audio store and purchasing a pair high-end brand of speakers is all it takes for incredible audio. To truly immerse yourself in music, you need a professional to provide the layout, network, and proper installation. There’s a massive difference between the system an integrator can give you, and one that you pick up in a store. Not only does One Touch Living have relationships with exclusive audio brands, but we also have years of experience customizing Rancho Santa Fe area homes to create the perfect listening experience. Here are three main reasons why working with a whole house audio professional is worth it.

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How to Customize the Content in Your Home Theater

The Ultimate Guide to Quality Movies, TV Shows, and Video Games

How to Customize the Content in Your Home Theater

So far we’ve covered the essentials you need for a custom home theater—a 4K projector, screen, comfy seating, and surround sound system. But what do you need to get the best content? The type of movie or game you choose matters, and the source you use to play it can affect the performance as well. Keep reading this blog to learn what you need to access all of the best video content in your Rancho Santa Fe, CA home. 

The Basics of Establishing a Strong Home Network

A Professional’s Guide to a Strong Internet Connection

The Basics of Establishing a Strong Home Network

You may wonder, 'what makes a smart home run perfectly?’ While there are many factors to installing a quality home automation system, there is one key factor that is often overlooked – the network. It may seem obvious, but many times the problem lies with the Internet connection, not with the device, design, or the installation company.

The true secret to an effective smart home is the network installation. In order to live an electronic lifestyle, you need strong internet connections established in your La Jolla, CA home. Without it, every other aspect fails. Your wireless Internet connection is the backbone of the smart home. Continue reading this article to discover why a home network is so important and what services we offer to guarantee a perfect smart home operation.

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